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Are you resume ready?

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

My first resume when I moved to Canada was 16 pages long! Yes you read that right and I am sure many of you are in the same boat and not surprised at all. I soon learned that standard resumes in Canada were only 1 page (front and back!). How was I supposed to compress over 10 years of achievements & experiences in just 1 page?!

I met my first mentor in Canada a few months later who guided me on what to focus on and how to tell my story in a few words but creating an impact at the same time. I was lucky to meet my mentor through a great friend and started growing my network. But that's another blog for another day ;)

Some things to keep in mind for a resume:

- Focus on the "So what" not just the "What"

- Don't assume your potential employer understands all the acronyms and abbreviations

- Font, colours & format matter!

- If submitting in print the quality of the paper matters!

- Spell check & Grammar check - Can't emphasize this enough!

- Highlight the keywords, skills, and success

Hope this helped. I am happy to bust any other myths that you may have so comment away. If you need more, schedule some time with me and lets navigate this together!

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