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Welcome to my Blog for new immigrants in healthcare in Canada!

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

I am an #immigrant / #IMG in Canada just like you! I came to Canada nearly 10 years ago and just like anyone else wanted to get a job and make a great career for myself. However, I WAS LOST! I wish the social media channels, apps and other wealth of information we have today was available then. I wish I had someone to guide me or share some quick tips and tricks to land a job in #Canada in my area of interest.

At the time #LinkedIn wasn't the abundance of information and support it is now or maybe I did not know how to use it effectively. However, it did help me #network and that's what its primarily there for. Apart from that some kind friends introduced me to the right people and helped me network which led to me landing my first #job in Canada! It wasn't an easy journey even after that but it did add value to my experience and I got to learn a lot about people for sure. I am on a constant journey to learn, grow, get and give inspiration to all new immigrants. Even though it may seem endless and hopeless, trust me it is not. I spent 6 months from 9 am to 6 pm just hunting for jobs, networking, reading and educating myself on the Canadian healthcare and pharma landscape before I was 100% ready for an #interview. Not that you have to go through the same but I am hoping that I can shorten that time for you.

You will find content here on many aspects on getting ready for the Canadian professional and personal life! In addition, I am also a #LifeCoach so if you are having trouble just adjusting to a new country, a new environment, stressing over how long it will take you to get your first paycheck or even making meaningful connections in a new country you will find resources here.

This has led me to create the blog along with other resources on LinkedIn ( that you can tap into or simply connect here with me and I will do the best to guide you or connect you with the right people.

#Connect with me:

  • Schedule a free consultation hour with me anytime through this website OR

  • Send me quick message on LinkedIn! OR

  • Send me an email on

Remember, I have been where you are now and can understand your challenges to support you better!

Good Luck Always!


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