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Do I know you? Networking etiquettes

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

#FACT: The chances of getting your resume to the top of the pile may increase, if you have someone referring you.

However, to get a #referral you need to build that network and an authentic relationship with that network. Don't expect that if someone connected with you on #LinkedIn or you spoke to someone once, that they will refer you for a position in their #organization. Would you marry the first person that you swipe right on? Its the same logic. Every relationship needs to be nourished, trust takes time to build and we need to realize that no one owes us anything.

Few #tips on how to establish and build professional relationships.

  • Don't be shy to approach other professionals in your field of work especially on LinkedIn - its not #Facebook!

  • #Don't just send an invite, write a short note on your intent. For e.g., I am new #immigrant in Canada with XYZ years of experience in #MedicalAffairs. I was very impressed with your career trajectory and your rich experience in the #pharmaceutical industry. As I am looking to transition to a role in Medical Affairs in #Canada, I would appreciate if I could get some #insights on the Canadian workplace. I would love to hear more about your #experience and learn more about the role of an #MSL in Canada.

  • Look for those #professionals who are active on LinkedIn rather than passive members and #connect with those in who's organization you would be interested in applying for.

  • Don't assume that if someone has connected with you that they would be happy to #refer you in the first instance.

  • #Research the professional, their #role and organization to find some common ground.

  • Once some one has been generous enough to spend their valuable time with you, acknowledge that and send them a follow up message/email thanking them.

  • Keep the relationship going. Keep them posted on your progress. Share #updates. Share something you read pertaining to their interest and seek their insights.

How many of these tips have you used to network? I would be happy to learn what worked and what didn't or if there was something else that gave you #results!

Happy #Networking!

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