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Does Location Matter?

Looking to move to Canada?

Wondering which part of Canada is ideal for IMGs looking for a role in the pharmaceutical industry?

Does location apply to every role?

Do I need to be bilingual (French & English) irrespective of location?

These are some of the questions you should ask before moving to Canada. The answer is is that location does matter depending on what your career goal is.

During the pandemic a lot of roles that went remote continued to do so but as things got near to normal the switch to being back in the office chair occurred. Largely Ontario has the most number of the larger and well known pharmaceutical and biotech companies, followed closely by Quebec. However, the challenge with Quebec is that you would most likely need to be fully bilingual for a good role of your choice. Quebec has a large number of start ups as well as commendable research opportunities. There are also some smaller companies and research facilities based out of the West but due to the company size the opportunities may be limited. Therefore by far Ontario would be the place to be if you just started looking, mainly due to the number of opportunities.

Another aspect to consider is the role you are looking for. If it is a field based role like an MSL, Sales representative or account manager then location is not really a concern. However, when its time to move to the next role then be prepared to relocate. If you are looking for a field based role being in a region that has limited candidates like the west may actually work in your favour as the competition will be slimmer. Although Ontario has the most number of opportunities the competition is fierce regardless of a field or office based role.

Lastly, if you are willing to relocate for a role, have that fact up there on your profile and let your recruiters know. Most companies would support with relocation costs if that's a concern. I would just recommend that you choose your city of landing accordingly in advance based on these facts. I have added some links on the Canadian pharmaceutical companies below that may come in handy. Although lady luck has a big part to play it would also be better to have all the information you need before coming to Canada or be informed once you do get here!

Good Luck Always!


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