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Mindset Matters

Todays blog will focus on something different but equally if not more important - Our mindset. Mental health and well being is the core of our overall health that helps us overcome anything. For all my job seekers and mentees out there, this is an important aspect to pay attention to. Its very easy to get overwhelmed with all the information out there. You are reading up on things, speaking to people, hearing the news and so much more to gather the best information out there which can very easily confuse you especially in the event of conflicting opinions. You are getting rejections or no responses or no follow ups and feedback on the one interview you finally secured. Its but natural to feel deflated and disappointed, like nothing is going your way.

I know this feeling because I have been through and still go through it from time to time. Even after you get that first role in Canada you will still face challenges on furthering your career to play catch with where you were before coming here. What kept me going after multiple failures? I will lay it out for you as there no single way to get over this feeling.

  1. Feel the failure - Sounds odd? Allow yourself to feel the loss and even cry over it if you want. But then shake it off and get back on your laptop and apply for the next one!

  2. Stay positive - Easier said than done? Barbara Fredrickson, a professor of Psychology and Director of the Positive Emotions and Psychophysiology Laboratory at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, has been investigating the effect of positive emotions for more than thirty years. Her research shows that people with a positive attitude overcome difficulties more quickly and are more resilient. Is that not reason enough to be more positive? Its science!

  3. Take a break - I know you want to keep going and keep trying which is excellent but your mind needs rest to restore! Do something different for a change. Go to the park, play a quick board game with your loved ones, cook your favourite meal! Anything! Just let go for a few moments and get back to it.

  4. Routine and schedule is everything - When you are more organized your mind will feel more open. When I was applying for jobs I blocked my calendar from 9 to 5 with 2 breaks in between. That was my time to stay focused on applying, networking and educating myself to skill up! At (not after) 5 pm I would shut my laptop and not see it again till the next morning. Trust me you will feel more productive.

  5. Stay connected - Not just on LinkedIn but also with your loved ones. Talk, communicate, laugh and share your fears and anxiety. Bottom line, to do not seclude yourself. You never know how the next opportunity comes around and through whom. Most importantly choose your circle wisely. Be with those who lift you up not those that can bring you down further after a tiring and relentless day.

Hope these few tips help you otherwise I am here to help you further if needed.

Stay well and Good Luck as always!


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