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Networking is an art of shamelessness & vulnerability!

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

One of the crucial elements of #success in developing your #career in #Canada is #Networking. Building your network is not as easy as sending a few messages on LinkedIn or going to 10 networking events a year. You can have 500+ #connections but how many of those can you say you have a relationship with? You can go to a number of networking events but how many attendees did you really connect with? When I moved to Canada I sent close to 50 messages to professionals who were in the roles that I was aspiring to be in. 20 of which responded, 7 agreed to have a coffee/phone call and I actually spoke to 5! The point I am trying to m

ake here is you have to be shameless. You have to accept that you need help. You have to reach out irrespective of whether you like or not. If you don't put yourself out there you will never be seen. One key thing to remember when #connecting is that you are reach out to do exactly just that ... Connect... not to ask if they will refer you for a #job in their organization or if they have a #vacancy to think of you first. Allow them to get to know you and they will offer to #refer you for future #opportunities before you event ask! I know because it happened to me.

#LinkedIn is not #Facebook. No one will hold your connection request against you as long as you are approaching #professionals in your line of #expertise and #qualifications. As one of my co-mentors says "Network like there's no tomorrow". So once you read this #blog, send out at least 15 messages (yes you can copy & paste... but don't forget to change the recipients name!) Good luck always!

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