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Updated: Jul 27, 2023

The #pandemic changed lives. That's an understatement right! Where it impacted the way we socialize, travel and educate, it also changed the way we work. I am not just talking about #Zoom #meetings as opposed to #conference room meetings but also how we recruited, trained, planned and interacted with external stakeholders. As such the requirement for seeking #talent also changed.

While some workplaces have returned to fully in person attendance, a large number of organizations have resorted to the hybrid model. This is in part to the newly realized cost savings and also the new found love for work life balance. The new candidate therefore must come with some specific soft skills and some very specific #professional experience which I will highlight in this #blog today.

  1. #Digital/#OMNI Channel: I have used and heard these words more than I can count recently. Being able to demonstrate your understanding of these "buzz" words along with examples in an #interview will improve your chances of #success. This could be something you did from pre-pandemic times but if it was something you initiated or were part of as a result of the pandemic then that's even better. In #Medical #Affairs we see this in multiple ways including, #virtual #asynchronous advice seeking, online #education programs, digital tools and apps for employees as well as KOLs to use.

  2. Trainings/Certifications: People keep asking me if there are any courses that I recommend to increase their chances of getting a job. My historic answer was NO. However, now I do vouch for any course that can add to your knowledge of the digital realm. There are a number of new trainings available on Digital #Healthcare transformation, virtual interactions, and many other new age programs that you can take online. They don't have to be expensive 2 year long programs but just simple quick certifications to give you a good foundational knowledge will suffice. Although the employer is not looking for a specific course, they are looking for your awareness and willingness to seek skills that are pretty much vital to this day and age.

  3. Innovative/Agile: People usually confuse innovation with digital skills but that may not be the case. To understand that if you go back to the old saying that "Necessity is the mother of Invention" then all innovation means, is being able to find a solution to something that needs to be fixed or improved in a way that hasn't been done before. Think of examples from your previous experience where you may have done that. Another example to have prepared is when you were able to flex, pivot or be "Agile" in a situation. This means due to change in internal and/or external circumstances caused you to change the way you approached or dealt with a situation.

Above all you will see newer #roles pop up in medical affairs that you didn't see before and possibly could be a good fit for. But that is a whole other blog for another day!

Till then spend time getting your skills and knowledge up to date and keep applying! See below for some key words to build into your resume.

Good luck always!


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