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Myth Busters

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

There are a lot of misconceptions when moving to Canada or to any new country for that matter. This is based on varied experiences from other immigrants or personal experiences which force us to generalize. It's only human right? The more you meet people the more it adds to our confusion.

I will mention a few myths here which I commonly hear and was probably a victim of at one time as well!

  • I have a lot of experience back home so I should only aim for positions suited to my level of experience

  • The ask for Canadian experience is unreasonable

  • I need to complete courses and diplomas from Canada to be considered for a job

  • My friend found a job in 2 months of arriving in Canada so it will be the same for me

  • I haven't received any response in 4 months so I should consider alternative career paths

  • My personal favourite ... applying online is futile and I need a strong recommendation to get in.


What are the myths you are facing at this time? Let's connect and talk about it!

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