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Foot in the door!

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

I often get asked what is the basic entry level I need to aim for if I don't have any experience in the #pharmaceutical industry. The first question in my opinion needs to be, what is the functional structure of the pharmaceutical industry. If you have neve worked in the industry you need to first understand the lay out of the different functions/departments of the industry to see where your expertise can provide the most value. However, that information is for another post. In a nutshell the first step in the door is #MedicalInformation.

Even before #COVID many companies have outsourced Medical Information. This is GOOD NEWS. Why? Because many companies are looking for basic #scientific expertise to do this job for them.

The reason you should consider these positions is that they are working for companies that you may want to work for in the future. It will help you develop connections and network and may even result in you getting a role in the company you have been "outsourced" for. I have personally worked with #mentees that have been successful in doing so.

What does the role entail? You will be responsible for responding to phone calls and emails related to product questions from #patients, #caregivers and even physicians and allied #healthcare professionals. This will give you valuable experience on the type of queries that come in, how to deal with external stakeholders while learning about the #data and #science behind the product.

Another role to consider is the role of an #MSL. An MSL is a pivotal role in any company as they are the front face of the company with all the scientific expertise. If you enjoy talking about scientific data and how it relates to #clinical decision making, then that's the role for you. While its a brilliant role, it is also very competitive. The basic requirements are evolving from just #PhD and #MD to #MSC and #PharmD , and you will be competing with Canadian PhD graduates who have worked and researched in a particular therapeutic area while getting to know the experts in the field. However, its not impossible because every MSL had that first role where they had no experience.

All to say, Medical Information and MSL roles are the first step of many to getting that first role. All depends on your interest and expertise. Just having the scientific qualification is not enough. Being able to translate all of this information in a clinically relevant manner is what makes an impact on physicians, patients and the company.

I will be talking about the various roles in detail in my upcoming posts so stay tuned :)

Till then good luck and lets connect if you want to learn more about #outsourcing companies if you are new to the work of #pharma/#biotech!

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