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Resources - Nice to have vs. Must

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

There is an #information overload out there on anything you need from recipes, to where to eat, what to eat, travel savings, best countries to #migrate to and the list goes on an on. Its challenging to sift through all this information and decipher what is the right one or the legitimate one. While #google may be your best way " #search " its all algorithm and SEO based so make sure you verify your #resources before signing up for anything.

One of the most common things I get asked about is what course do I take. My answer is quite detailed but let me break it down for you here before you go spending unnecessary time and money!

First thing you need to define is "What is my #goal" or "what am I hoping to get out of these #courses?" While "#Board #certifications may be a good starting point for someone who is new to the #pharma or #biotech industry, it may not be ideal for someone who knows the game better and is just looking to fill in some blanks. In addition, I can assure you no one is looking though your #resume to see if you are a board certified #MSL or #MedicalAffairs professional. On the other hand what they ARE looking for is what is the applicability of what you know. So before you go signing up for very expensive courses please make sure you know what are you are hoping to achieve, what you already know and what will this course give you that no one else can.

At the end of it you need to remember one thing. If you are sitting in an #interview would you be able to #communicate what you know such that even without Canadian experience you can demonstrate your knowledge of the Canadian ways of working, healthcare and reimbursement environment and regulations around promotion and interacting with healthcare professionals. In this case what you are looking for is resources and training on #interview #skills to put that knowledge into words and how to maneuver the conversation in a way that will bring out what you know!

As for the core knowledge of the industry in Canada goes, here are some key resources resources:

- Innovative Medicines Canada (#IMC) Code of Ethical Practices (2022): A guide to interactions with stakeholders to commercialize prescription medicines (excluding medical devices and over-the-counter products). Most companies are members

of the IMC and follow the regulations laid out by the code. This will tell you everything about do's and dont's when interacting with HCPs and patient organizations.

- The Pharmaceutical Advertising Advisory Board (PAAB) Code: #PAAB works to protect Canadians by ensuring that healthcare product advertising meets the regulatory, scientific, therapeutic, and ethical standards outlined in the Code of Advertising Acceptance. It is the only organization whose preclearance service is recognized by Health Canada for advertising directed to healthcare professionals. Any promotional material, in addition to internal approvals has to go through PAAB before you can share or send any promotional material.

- Health Canada resources to review :

Last but not the least, I have previously and will say it again, you still need to keep networking. And by networking I don't mean just getting to know people but really get to know their roles and what does their typical day look like or what are the common challenges they face in their role. This is way more valuable that any course and its free!

I will say though that there are some courses that are expensive but will guarantee you an internship with a company. One example is the Queen's University course called Pharmaceutical & Healthcare Management and Innovation (PHMI) which is quite expensive but if you can afford it you can get into a 6 to 12 month internship with some reputable companies . Although you may have no guarantee that this company will hire you after the internship (although quite a few do manage to get a role) you will at least get the "Canadian experience" on the resume which is worthwhile.

Hope these resources and tips have added value but if you want to know more and discuss other options then do reach out via our appointment section on this site.

Good Luck Always!


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