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The ScavenJob Hunt!

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

A good huntsman/woman needs 3 things:

  • A target

  • Knowledge of the hunting ground and

  • Hunting gear

In the same manner a job seeker needs :

  • A role they are pursuing

  • Know where to look for job postings

  • A well written resume, communication/interview skills, and a lot more.

Where to start?

It truly is a #hunt. Its a matter of being at the right place at the right time. There was a time when I used to throw my #resume at every #job that I felt I was #qualified for. I soon realized that it wasn't working. I needed a #plan, a #strategy to go by. I had to be focused on what I wanted to do. Once I narrowed it down to a couple of high interest roles I started looking at what #organizations I would want to work for. I started #networking with people in those organizations to better understand the #culture, the #people, and the potential for #growth.

Where do I look?

#LinkedIn is your best friend. Set up your #jobalerts according to your preference. #Follow all the organizations that you would like to be a part of. Follow #news and #updates on the organizations. Study their #products and #pipeline. I would also look at the company #websites as usually jobs get posted on their own website before going on #jobboards. You can also get on some of their mailing lists for job postings, one example is #Bayer.

#Simplyhired is also a good resource and sends you healthcare related job alerts. I have never had much success with Zip Recruiters and Indeed type platforms for pharma related job postings but I would leave that up to you.

How do I apply?

The "Quick Apply" tab on LinkedIn is very tempting but I would apply on the #company website directly. Have your resume and #coverletter handy and tailored to the role. Ensure you put in as much information as possible with as much accuracy as possible. Most websites are able to pull the basic information once you upload your resume but make sure you check the form in detail as there is always some discrepancy due to the lay out of the resume. However, before you apply check your network and if there is anyone who can #refer or #recommend you for the job. Most companies need you to be referred in their system before you apply so make sure you #contact your reference first.

For more tips and guides on job hunting send us a message!

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